The Advantages of Lithium-Metal Anodes

Periodic table of elements

Rechargeable lithium-metal batteries have been the subject of intense research for decades, and today they seem closer than ever to reaching the marketplace.

Coulombic Efficiency Demystified

Graphic of bottles illustrating coulombic efficiency

Check out this article written by the experts on solid-state battery technology, QuantumScape, to learn about coulombic efficiency in electric vehicles.

White paper: A deep dive into QuantumScape’s fast-charging performance

Chart of discharge energy

    Fast charging is increasingly important to buyers of electric vehicles, but high-energy legacy lithium-ion batteries are still limited in how fast they can recharge. These limitations are largely due to fundamental constraints of battery design. QuantumScape’s technology has been designed to overcome many of these constraints, to unlock a step-change in fast-charging performance […]

Distinguishing charge rates for next-generation batteries

Charge rate chart

A critical factor drivers consider when looking at electric vehicles is how quickly they can be charged. Unfortunately, battery experts can use confusing jargon when talking about this concept, so here we’re going to break down key charging concepts and how they translate to the real world.

Temperature in Battery Development

Graphic of sulfied problems

Why do electric vehicles heat up the battery before a fast-charging session but run cooling systems while cruising? Why do EVs lose range in the cold winter months – and how can QuantumScape’s battery technology overcome these challenges?